Trying to avoid your duty always leads to bad things. This time she gets away with warning, while having her cute ass spanked red. Next time things could get serious!

Screaming wont help this lazy maid – she gets what she deserves! To scamp once job is never acceptable and especially when you mistress likes nothing more, then to strip her employees panties and spank them real hard!

This girl is only a student, but she also works part time at her teachers’ house as a maid. She didn’t wipe the floor well enough and now she has to pay. She will squeal in pain, as her perverted teacher turns her perfect buttock fiery red.

No remorse, no regrets – that’s our mistresses’ motto. She always grabs one of her servants and makes them enjoy kinky sadistic spanking on their naked ass. And since she’s so good at it, it never gets boring to watch her in action!

The Lazy Maid Review

The Lazy Maid Review
The Lazy Maid

Having lazy maid is always a bother. These hot girls have tried to scamp their job and now it’s time to pay! They will be disciplined with some painful spanking and get another chance to improve their work morale.